DASH can help you!

What to avoid trips to the emergency room?
Can’t get a same-day appointment with your doctor?
Not ill enough to call 911, but need medical attention?
Live alone or have no family nearby?
Need an easier way to get urgent medical care?

It’s just a phone call away

Urgent medical care at home for seniors.
A nurse when you need one, with a doctor on call.

A nurse will come to you for…

checkbox Shortness of breath

checkbox Cough & fever

checkbox  Bladder infection

checkbox  Faintness or dizziness

checkbox  Skin problems

checkbox  Fall or injury

checkbox  And other urgent medical issues

… and treatment begins right away.

Nurse has 30 common medications.
Lab tests or home health care can be ordered without delay.
Your doctor receives a full report from DASH.

Take the first step.

An enrollment nurse will meet with you in your home to make sure DASH fills your needs. Family and caregivers welcome.

Take the first step!

Enroll in DASH Today:

Call (805) 617-0049


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Visits available
Monday through Saturday.
Doctors available by phone on Sundays

Doctor Endorsements

“I consider DASH to be a most helpful addition to the Santa Barbara medical scene. DASH is very professionally run and always responds promptly to referrals. They communicate their visit notes often on the same day, and supplement the care I provide in my office. We work well together as a team for our patients’ benefit.”

David Dodson, MD
Internal Medicine, Sansum Clinic

“DASH provides a potent antidote to preventable additional financial and human costs for ‘at risk’ seniors with significant chronic health problems. Early identification and intervention are proving to be cost-effective in this segment of the population. DASH services have shown themselves to be a valuable community resource.”

Robert Harbaugh, MD
Neurology, Neurology Associates of Santa Barbara

“The DASH program neatly fills an important potential gap in older patients’ care, that is, how to manage and avert those worrisome ‘could become serious’ problems which occur at home, and accomplish this without an ER visit. The program works well, and provides excellent care as well as peace of mind.”

Darol Joseff MD

“DASH has been very beneficial to my patients.  Their rapid response and excellent care has prevented many Urgent Care and Emergency Department visits for my patients that who have difficulty getting to my office. They have been a great asset to the community.”

Jeffrey Polito, MD
Internal Medicine, Sansum Clinic

“The DASH team is very helpful. My patients have their urgent health issues addressed at their homes, often times making an ER visit unnecessary. The DASH team is very efficient and sends me their evaluation within 24 hours. Santa Barbara is very fortunate to have such a wonderful program.”

Richard S. Ponce, MD
Department Head, Sansum Pesetas Multi-Specialty Clinic, Internal Medicine

We help keep seniors independent by giving them the care they need – we’re just a phone call away.