How It Works

How DASH can help

DASH provides rapid-response medical care to seniors in their own homes. By offering prompt medical attention to seniors who are too ill to wait for an office appointment or too weak to get there, DASH helps them avoid unnecessary hospital stays and trips to the emergency room. The program isn’t a replacement for a Primary Care Doctor — seniors who are enrolled in DASH continue to see their regular doctors and specialists for routine care, but they can call DASH for urgent problems.

Who can use DASH?

DASH serves seniors aged 60 and above who live in the Santa Barbara or Goleta area — either in their own home or in a senior housing or care facility.

Seniors must enroll with DASH in order to use DASH services. The enrollment process involves a home visit from a DASH nurse to learn about the senior’s health history and screen for common problems. They will also discuss what kind of medical treatment the senior would like, offer them a chance to complete a Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST) form and Advance Health Care Directive and make referrals for helpful community resources.

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What does DASH cost?

DASH is fully covered by Medicare for seniors who live in low-income housing or receive Medi-Cal or Section 8 housing assistance; For other seniors, DASH is covered in part by Medicare and in part by a monthly fee of $60 for individuals or $90 for couples. To arrange an enrollment appointment, or to find out more about DASH, call us at (805) 617-0049, email us at info@dashsb.com, or fill out this contact form if you’d like us to get in touch with you.

Once You’re Enrolled

What will happen if I call DASH for help?

You will be able to speak to a DASH nurse, and a member of the DASH Rapid Response Medical Team can come to your home quickly — usually within an hour. The DASH Medical Team includes physicians and nurses, and our staff even carries commonly needed medications such as antibiotics, so if necessary, treatments can start immediately.

What happens after the DASH team visits?

DASH will communicate closely with the senior’s Primary Care Doctor. DASH has special arrangements to get services like lab testing, physical therapy, home safety assessments and visiting nurse services started right away.

When should I call DASH?

Find out more in “For Enrollees.”

There are times when I am ill, but it’s not serious enough for the ER, and I can’t get in to see my doctor.