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DASH has enrolled more than 2,000 people in the Santa Barbara area, and our doctors and nurses have made around 7,000 home visits to patients.

After enrolling, our patients had a 38% drop in visits to the emergency room and a 41% reduction in hospitalizations.

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In the News

“DASH has so far proven very successful, reporting over 1,600 responses to date with an average of a 40-minute wait time; a 38 percent drop in visits to the emergency room; and a 41 percent reduction in hospitalizations among enrollees.”
Santa Barbara Independent, October 2014
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“Residential facilities are finding that with DASH there are fewer ambulance calls. A nurse at Maravilla [Senior Living Community] said, ‘…It is so great to know that we can call DASH and not 911 when one of our residents is in urgent need of a medical evaluation and attention.’”
Montecito Journal

“(DASH) intervening when an emergency room visit is not necessary saves seniors thousands of dollars in ambulance bills… (and) hospital bills.”

– Santa Barbara News-Press


“Some seniors hate going to the hospital and scheduling an appointment with a family doctor doesn’t always cut it… DASH sends one of its five experienced nurses, three nurse practitioners or six rotating on-call physicians to homes checking on coughs, fevers, bladder infections or other urgent injuries — most of which can be treated on the spot — from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week.”
– Noozhawk, December 2014
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“Adult children see DASH as a safety net, which can allow their senior parents to live independently longer. For family members and caregivers, it is a relief. ‘I feel a tremendous level of comfort knowing I can call for assistance at home for my husband, rather than trying to get him to the Emergency Room,’ said the wife of TJ, another DASH enrollee.”
– Family Life Magazine

Success Stories

“DASH Honored Our Wishes”
By Kathleen D.

My 85-year old mother had dementia, and we took care of her at home with help of caregivers. It was her and our wish that, should she become ill, she would only receive comfort care and not make any more trips to the ER.

When she developed sudden and severe abdominal pain, the DASH doctor arrived within 20 minutes of our call. He assessed her as having an acute abdomen, which is fatal for the severely demented.

DASH made her comfortable and initiated a fast-track referral for hospice. My mother would not have wanted an ambulance ride, tests, and all that fuss and expense. DASH allowed us to honor her wish to have her final days at home, peaceful, and surrounded by family.

“I Was Relieved to be Cared for So Quickly”
By Elaine B, aged 75

When I started feeling a burning on my back, I called DASH and spoke with the nurse on call. She arrived at my house within an hour. She examined me and asked me questions, and had my medical history with her.

She conferred with a DASH doctor by phone and they determined that I had shingles. The medication I needed was in her medical kit, so I didn’t even have to go to the pharmacy.

While she was here, she checked my blood pressure, reviewed my other medications, and reminded me that she would follow-up with my own doctor.

I was so relieved to be cared for quickly and right at home. My only other option was to call 911. DASH serves a wonderful purpose.

“She Called Before Becoming Critically Ill”
By Michael Bordofsky, MD

Mary is extremely frail, but manages to live independently at the age of 92. When she developed a cough and a fever, she was too weak to get to her doctor’s office.

In the past, she might have waited to see if she got better or she may have called an ambulance. Instead, she called DASH. Within hours, she was seen by the DASH team in her home, diagnosed with pneumonia, and started on antibiotics.

A week later when she was seen by her Primary Care Physician, her cough had improved, her appetite was coming back, and she was on her way to a full recovery.

DASH helped her avoid an ambulance ride, an ER visit, and – perhaps most important of all – allowed her to get help before she became critically ill.

From DASH Enrollees & Their Families

“Based on the nature of my husband’s illness, I feel a tremendous level of comfort knowing I can call for assistance in our home, rather than trying to get him to emergency.”

“The DASH nurses have served me on three occasions… I have been very pleased with all the treatments. I was most impressed when the nurse had with her the Cipro I needed for my infection.”

“When I woke up with Pink Eye and called DASH, the nurse was there within an hour. Then she called the doctor who came to visit within the next 30 minutes. He called my ophthalmologist and got me an appointment for the next day. I felt so relieved.”

“DASH is a joy for the patients and family members thanks to the care given by the DASH staff members and the quality of the experience of not having to wait for hours in a germ-filled waiting area.”

“What a difference between the DASH nurse caring for my wife ‘on a one-to-one basis’ at our bedside at home, compared to a stressed and harried nurse treating her in the ER.”

From Physicians

“DASH has been very beneficial to my patients.  Their rapid response and excellent care has prevented many Urgent Care and Emergency Department visits for my patients who have difficulty getting to my office. They have been a great asset to the community.”
Jeffrey Polito, MD
Internal Medicine, Sansum Clinic

“The DASH program neatly fills an important potential gap in older patients’ care, that is, how to manage and avert those worrisome ‘could become serious’ problems which occur at home, and accomplish this without an ER visit. The program works well, and provides excellent care as well as peace of mind.”
Darol Joseff, MD


“The DASH team is very helpful. My patients have their urgent health issues addressed at their homes, often times making an ER visit unnecessary. The DASH team is very efficient and sends me their evaluation within 24 hours. Santa Barbara is very fortunate to have such a wonderful program.”
Richard S. Ponce, MD
Department Head,
Sansum Pesetas Multi-Speciality Clinic, Internal Medicine

“I consider DASH to be a most helpful addition to the Santa Barbara medical scene. DASH is very professionally run and always responds promptly to referrals. They communicate their visit notes often on the same day, and supplement the care I provide in my office. We work well together as a team for our patients’ benefit.”
David Dodson, MD
Internal Medicine, Sansum Clinic

“DASH provides a potent antidote to preventable additional financial and human costs for ‘at risk’ seniors with significant chronic health problems. Early identification and intervention are proving to be cost-effective in this segment of the population. DASH services have shown themselves to be a valuable community resource.”
Robert Harbaugh, MD
Neurology Associates of Santa Barbara

My kids don’t worry so much now that I get quality urgent care right in my own house. DASH is such a relief for all of us.